How to Connect Brother Printer to Belkin router

With the advancement of technology, we get to explore so many things, and printing your desired document, picture or any important paper is just a click away especially the combination of Brother Printer and Belkin Router makes the process much smoother and hassle-free. Let’s see some of the ways to connect Brother Printer to Belkin Router and some tips if you face any problem doing so.

Configuring Brother Printer for the wireless network of Belkin Router using Wi-Fi Protected Setup or AOSS:

Let’s see step by step method to connect Brother Printer to Belkin Router using Wi-fi protected set up in a few and easy simple steps.

Step 1: Firstly, make sure your Brother Printer and the Belkin Router are connected to the power outlet, and all the drivers needed for both router and the printer are installed on your laptop or the computer device.

Step 2: Now you need to go to the Control Panel of your laptop or computer and click on the icon written Hardware and sound.

control panel

Step 3: The next step you need to do is to go on the main page of the device and printer icon and click on add a new printer device.

Step 4: Your computer device will now itself search for the nearby devices, now select the name of your Brother Printer from the list.

Step 5: You will now see a setup wizard for the installation of the Brother Printer on the screen, you just need to follow the given instruction shown on the screen and complete the installation setup.

Step 6: Once the installation process is complete, the next step is to go to the Brother Printer’s screen and select the Wi-Fi that is the Belkin Router Wi-Fi, all your nearby SSID will appear then select the home network from the list and enter the password of the wi-fi.

Step 7: You have finally connected your printer to the Belkin Router. Download all the necessary drivers for the Brother Printer’s official web page as it is free to download and you can easily access them by entering your device model number on the download page and the driver. Install all those drivers on your laptop or computer device and then connect to Wi-Fi. you can use brother printer default password to login belkin settings.

Configuring Brother Printer to Belkin Router manually by USB Cable.

If due to any reasons you are not able to connect your Brother Printer to Belkin Router then you don’t need to worry much. You have one more option to manually connect the Brother Printer with the Belkin Router. You must be provided with a USB cable with the printer, this USB is used to connect the printer and the Belkin router so that you can set up your printer easily. Let’s see step-by-step ways to configure Brother Printer to Belin Router manually with the help of the USB cable.

Step 1: Using the USB wire, attach the Brother Printer with your Belkin router. You need to connect one end of the USB with the USB port behind the Belkin Router and the other end of the USB cable with the printer.

Step 2: After you have made the connections between the Belkin router and the Brother printer, keep an eye on the LED light which is present in front of the USB port of the Belkin router.

Step 3: If the LED light on the router glows green then it implies the connection between the router and the printer has been established successfully and now the Brother printer is visible to the laptop or a computer connected within your internet network range.

detecting printer driver

Step 4: Now the next step would be to go to your computer or laptop screen and right-click on the man screen, you will find an option of “Belkin Router Manager” and for Apple computers, the option will be found near the menu bar naming “Networked USB Devices”.

Step 5: You will a complete list of all the available devices and then you need to select the option for “Belkin USB port and storage”

Step 6: Now choose the name of the Brother printer connected to the Belkin router and you are finally set up with the printer on your device connected with the Belkin Router.

Some of the tips if you are not able to connect your Brother Printer with wifi of Belkin Router:-
1. Switch off and off all your devices and check the power supply in your home or office.

2. Ensure that your computer, laptop, or mobile phone through which you want to access the printer must have all the printer drivers and the Belkin software already installed on it. You can go the driver from the link provided by the Belkin Router company or get the drivers from Belkin USB print and store manager or even through their website by filling up your credentials.

any issue with the router can be fixed when you Reset the Belkin router & reconfigure any settings that might mess with things.

3. In a few cases the Brother printer seems to be unavailable from the computer or other device, then make sure it is within your internet network range. In case it is not connected to the network you can get the printer and the computer within the network range or increase the range of internet connection with help of a range extender. setup belkin N300 range extender using simple methods.

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