How to Fix Belkin Extender Not working problem?

Looking for a solution for why your Belkin extender is not working? Then you are in the right place. We are going to talk about two solutions for fixing the Belkin extender not working problem. Then we’ll look into belkin.range and stuff related to it.

How can you fix the Belkin Extender not working problem?

We are going to show you two different solutions for the problem, you can use the one that seems most appropriate.

First method

  • First, try setting your extender to factory default. Setting the Belkin extender to its factory settings is very easy, just follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll be done. 
  • Start by plugging in your Belkin extender to a power source. 
  • Check for a small screwdriver, or a hair clip can also do the job. Now, at the bottom of the extender check for the reset button. 
reset belkin range extender
  • Push the reset button of your Belkin extender and hold it for about 10 to 12 seconds and release it. 
  • You should see that all the lights are flashing, wait for 30 seconds until the lights become stable. 
  • Now, reboot the device (Belkin extender) using the power outlet. 
  • That’s it; you’re done setting your extender to factory default. 
  • You can easily reset the extender using simple steps; you can either use WPS PBC or WPS PIN methods to do so easily.

Now you can setup belkin range extender Now from start, also the way of installation is the same for every model of Belkin extender.

Second method

  • If you feel that setting the Belkin extender to default settings and resetting it back again is a big process, follow this:
  • Start by connecting your Belkin range extender to your computer with a cable. 
  • Now, go to the default IP address which is Belkin.range. 
  • Put in your password as well as the router name. 
  • And that’s it, your Belkin range extender will work absolutely fine. 
  • If the problem is not yet resolved, try contacting Belkin directly.

In order for this to work, you should have a problem-free reach to Belkin.range. But if you don’t and the sign-in page shows “Belkin.range not working”? Do not worry; we’ve got a solution for that as well.

If you are not familiar with Belkin.range, here’s a brief explanation.

Belkin.range, what is it?

Belkin.range is the default domain that is provided to all Belkin users in order for them to finish the Belkin Wi-Fi extender setup. Not only for finishing Belkin wifi extender setup but Belkin.range is also used to replace or alter the network settings as well.


How is Belkin.range used?

Belkin extender is just a savior that saves human souls by handling all the wifi connectivity problems. The device makes sure if devices are connected to it or not and that you are getting high-speed internet. The Belkin.range is the official IP address of Belkin where you will get access to the Belkin extender sign-in page and extending network settings. 
But many users of Belkin devices have issues with Belkin.range. If you are facing the same situation where you see “Belkin.range not working” on your screen, then here are the troubleshooting tips you can follow. 

in some cases, the antivirus program may also block the internet so be aware of that too and check settings.

If you are using the WPS PIN method to connect your Belkin extender then you’d have to use Belkin.range and if you are stuck at the step because your Belkin.range is not working, the steps will help.

Resolve belkin.range not working

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is checking whether your device is receiving power and is connected to a power source. 
  • While entering Belkin.range, if you are using a wired connection make sure that Ethernet cables are connected properly.   
  • Check twice if the IP address you have entered is correct. If the address you’ve entered is wrong replace it with Belkin.range
  • You can also try reaching the Belkin extender sign-in page through the default IP address or any other ip address such as
  • The “Belkin.range not working” issue might arise when you enter the wrong login details. So, make sure that the login details you’ve entered are right and try again. 
  • A few browsers don’t support Belkin.range and Belkin extender setup. In case you see that your extender login is failed, check if the browser is compatible. 
  • Clear all cache and cookies, having corrupted cookies leads to “Belkin.range not working”.
  • Delete your browser history and try using a different browser if you face a situation where you can’t log in to the Belkin extender. 
  • If you are signing in on your pc, try using a tablet, smartphone, or another pc. Just try a different device from what you’re using now. 
  • Try power cycling your Belkin device as well as your computer. 
  • If you’ve tried all of it found no luck, try updating your Belkin extender. Firmware updates can avoid “Belkin.range not working” problems.

Now if you have issues connecting the wireless Printer to Belkin or any other device then contact support for the best help

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