How to setup Belkin N300 Range extender?

Have your network failed to load the page because of the far distance of the wifi router? Might be! Many people suffer from this problem because of the wifi router, which gives you a small distance of network range. No doubt, Wifi plays a big role in life whether you are in corporate life or normal life. People addicted to getting quick access to anything and mostly on the Internet. When loading slow becomes the obstacle while working, you undergo with the feelings of breaking down your computer, laptop, mobile, and much more.

Belkin extender is the device that is used to extend the range of wi-fi wireless networks. Sometimes, it’s hard to reach the network signals to that area in your home where you work, at that time it plays a main role.

If you are facing any issue with the network range, such as the wi-fi meter range is not enough to connect your device like mobile, laptop, tablet, etc., then Belkin Wi-fi range extender can help you resolve it. Jumping into the near seat of wifi wireless router will make you boring as you cannot change the place to change your working environment. So from now, Belkin may help you with a reasonable price with useful features. You can easily set up Belkin wifi extender without any help of wires and cables. It makes your work easy with wifi extender when you are far from the Wi-fi router.

steps to setup Belkin extender

Before we begin with steps, make sure having a computer or laptop with you and of course well-working wifi router and Belkin wi-fi range extender. Because these all devices play the main role in processing the below steps. you can use pretty much the same steps to install any Belkin range extender.

you must know the wifi password of your existing wifi network before you start the setup in case you have Belkin router please login to Belkin router & lookup the wifi password before proceeding

Step 1: Unbox your Belkin extender device, and plug into power socket near your wifi wireless networks router.

Step 2: Use your device like a laptop where you connect the wifi. On the Wifi section, you can see the “Belkin.setup” network. Just click on that and you will be connected


If you are not able to see the “Belkin.setup” network on your PC or lappy ‘s wifi section, you simply have to reset the extender. To reset, you need to hold the resetting button in the extender for at least 10-20 seconds, until its flash blue light on the side. Then you will surely see the network. Once it gets on your wifi section, connect it by clicking and wait until its get connected and then step for further process.

Step 3: Click and start a web browser. Enter “http://belkin.range” on the Address bar and enter. You can even type “” on the address bar and press enter if you want to set up your extender through the set up page.


Step 4: Once you enter on that page, click on the “Get Started” button on the bottom. After that it will automatically start looking for the SSID of your router.

setup belkin n300 extender

Step 5: Once it stops loading, it will show the list of wifi networks. Once refresh it and once your wifi wireless network exists that you are planning to extend through the extender tap on it. Then, click on the “Next” button and wait until the setup gets connected.

Step 6: It will prompt the password section, where you used to enter your wifi wireless network’s password. Then, click on the “Next” button and until the password gets authenticated.

setup belkin extender password

Step 7: If you are using a dual-band network, then you need to select the second network to connect and follow the same process from step 6 and similarly click on next once done. If you have a single band extender then it will only connect to the 2.4GHz band.

Step 8: Once review Belkin wifi extended network details. If you think to change the details, then click on the “Edit” button. Or directly click on the “Create Extended Network” button below the “Edit” button to continue with the setup

belkin extender details

Now, your wireless network is configured successfully. You will be able to see the Network settings in front of your screen. Click on it to go inside, if you want to change any network settings. At the bottom, you will able to see the “Print Extended Network information” button which can be helpful to print whole information when you need it. You can print whenever you want by visiting this page.

you can also setup netgear n300 range extender using these steps.


So, these are the amazing steps to perform your Belkin Wi-fi range extender with superpower wherever you are. From now you don’t need to get up and taking the laptop near the wifi to have a speed network. Now get it from any corner at your home or office to make your search and work faster than before. The above steps will help you to properly set up your Belkin wifi range extender.

at any point you feel setup is done in the right way Please reset belkin extender to default settings & start the setup again.

Hope this article has helpful words with simple steps to resolve your problem of how to set up the Belkin extender easily. If you face any issue feel free to as us through the comments section below

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